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       Welcome to the newest incarnation of the Unofficial X Show website. Hopefully this time around, it won't get deleted without my knowledge. If I get my way, this site will be up for quite a while to serve as a memorial to the greatest show in TV history. A cordial thank you goes out to each and every single person who contributed to the show's development, and I wish you all success in the future.
What's New: Ashley Degenford's, Carla Alapont's, Debbie Entin's, Joanna Krupa's, Shauna Zoul's, and Elena Maddalo's pages are up, plus some minor additions to the segments page. Check out the message board for a more detailed listing.

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       Please visit The X Show message board to discuss the show, and if you've got time, check out this sports search engine OPS's working on: While your at it check out Daimus's Unofficial X Show Video Page. And don't forget to drop by John's Place at Webberville U.S.A.

What you'll find here:
  • Message Board: You can go there and discuss the show, ask questions and throw out suggestions. Of course, there's probably no chance in getting the show started again, but it's a nice place to gather and reminisce. Here's some people associated with the show that visited OPS's and Eric's board: John Webber, Ashli Degenford, Daphne Brogden, Jessica [former talent booker], Hammy [our benefactor of Hammy's Headlines.], Rachel [the segment/show producer], Kelly [the new talent booker], Walt and Chris [show producers] and Zippy [production assistant], Julie [another X Show staffer], and of course our favorite web-head Courtney. Models that have visited so far: Tiffany Bolton, Julee Elliott, Julie Day, Lexie Karlsen, Mikyla, and Carla Alapont!
  • Segments: An archive of information on each segment that made The X Show what it was. Each segments' page will be packed with whatever I have on it or whatever I can find on them.
  • Bumpers: Y'know, those things that came right before the commercials. Here you'll find a cataloging of these diverse vehicles of comedy and information.
  • Games: Currently the game is more of a trivia game than Match the model to the magazine because its a huge pain to crop pictures and try to remember which magazine they're from.
  • Links: Some X Show related stuff; your best bet on finding pics of the models for free; and some places where I like to do my eshopping.
  • Screen Captures: As it stands, there aren't a lot of pictures of any of the X Show cast members, so that means in order for me to have a web site about them, I need to make the pictures. Basically the screen captures page will be the archive where I keep all the screen caps I either don't know where to put, or don't have any room to put elsewhere.
  • Host Info: Stay as updated as any one person could hope on the activities of the people who hosted the show.
  • Model Info: Wanna find out more about one of the regular models? Or find out what they've been up to since the end of the show? Or just stare at all the pretty pictures? Then check this out.
  • One Time Model Info: I'll try to post as much as I can find about those models that made infrequent appearances on the show, but made the show what it was by adding variety to it.

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